Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

Can you think about New Year’s without contemplating what changes you want to make for the coming year? New Year’s Eve and Resolutions go together like a horse and buggy! And most are forgotten or put off by February! The top 5 resolutions surveyed are:
1. Spend more time with family
2. Fitness, exercise, get your butt off the sofa, just friggin MOVE!
3. Lose weight( #2 should help with that)
4. Quit smoking, it’s not if it’s going to kill you, it’s when it’s going to kill you.( quitting will increase #1) Quit Drinking is high on the resolution list also, your liver will be your BFF!
5. Make more money. Today’s economy, decrease jobs, increase prices, the rat race in general is putting the pressure on people to increase income. That blows resolution #1 big time. Check out making money online and work from home. Increase family time with extra part time money or even a full time income online that replaces your present income and get you out of debt. How sweet that would be.

A few other New Year’s Resolutions showing up on the surveys are:
Help Other- volunteerism. There are many nonprofit volunteer organizations or if time is short, donate furniture, clothing or other household items.
Learn something new
Get organized, makes life so much easier if you have some idea what’s suppose to happen during the day when you open your eyes. Granted, it doesn’t always go as expected so adjusting to change may be something to add to your list.

It all comes down to:
Weight Loss
Longevity and

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