Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing to Fulfill Resolution

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Ways of Earning Money Through Affiliate Marketing

There are basically three different ways in which one can earn money  through affiliate marketing and increase you income and fulfill one of the top five resolutions, make more money. You need a publisher with a product that you help sell.. Using a site with years of longevity like Amazon, ClickBank, Neobux, or CBProAds to earn money  and recomend to your visitors, hopefully customers is the best way to gain trust and future sales.  I’m an affiliate to all the above and they all pay and have been online 10+ years.

 Involved affiliate marketing

This is where you promote a product with a lot of authority because you’ve used it and have liked the product. This type of affiliate marketing is very effective because people will be willing to try out something just because you have used it and found it good. When your blog or social media site has many followers, that helps too. The more followers and likes on your blog or social media sites, the more trust you obtain from your readers and you can earn money just by being truthful.  Trust is the seller here. You should only promote a product that your readers will most likely enjoy and learn something from.

Honesty is a very important factor in affiliate marketing if you want to get repeat business and more customers. Give them a good product and they will come back.

Related affiliate marketing

Any serious publisher must identify a niche and focus on it. Your readers come to know your niche and follow you because they like the same topics and will follow you. Within that niche, there will be
products related to the ones that you are promoting. Put links to such products within that niche on your blog, social media sites, videos or podcasts to earn money. Visitors may come to your site because  of the products that you are promoting but they can also find additional products through these links. Put a link to another site to give your visitors more choses.

Let them decide. You don’t have to have tried these products. You are just presenting the link to another site. If a customer decides to click on the link and buy the product, you’ll still earn your commission without much responsibility. You don’t hype the product so if it turns out to be substandard, you will not bear much responsibility. This type of
affiliate marketing is good but it will not give you much income since the related products are not your primary focus.

Pay per click affiliate marketing

This is ideal for people who do not want to interact with end consumers at any level to earn money. Just make your money and move on, or continue to click. The clicling is what makes you the money. In pay per click affiliate marketing, you have no authority in the product niche that you are promoting. Just place your affiliate links via Facebook ads, Twitter ads and Google Adwords among others in the hope that they’ll click on them and eventually buy the products. Pay per click may sound easy but it really is not.  It takes much patience, consistency and clicking but a good income can be made.

Make Neobux Worth Your Click.. it’s free

If you haven’t joined Neobux please check it out here: it’s free

In my opinion Neobux PTC is the best free join, click and make money online out there. It’s been online for 10 years, the longevity factor again folks. Neobux is located on my PTC page and can add income while working on blogging. But this PTC page may be all you need. It’s all up to how high you want to leap!

Two things you must have to make $100 a day… or more. Consistency and patience. It’s not going to happen over night. It may take 4 months if you follow this strategy.

Its all about referrals.

  1. Direct Referrals which sign up via your Neobux affiliate link as a result of your advertising, Not easy. Cost money!
  2. Rented Referrals. Inside the Neobux website are all the “how to dos and FAQ.” Read them and get your bearings, follow the rules, not difficult. Now click, for free. The money you make will seem tiny but keep on going, you’ll see, it’s worth it.
  3. When you have earned $0.60. You have paid nothing. Now rent 3 referrals with the $0.60
  4. Click for 10 days( try not to miss, remember( consistency and patience) and buy another 3 rented referrals.
  5. When I say “buy” it’s money earned from clicking, not from your wallet.

  6. Click, wait 5 days, buy another 3 rented referrals.
  7. Click, wait 13 days, buy 10 rented referrals. The money you are spending all comes from what you are earning by clicking ads and from what your rented referrals are clicking and making you money.
  8. Great for people starting out with no cash!

  9. Wait 10 days, buy 20 rented referrals.
  10. Wait 10 days, be sure to click as directed, buy 30 rented referrals for $6.00
  11. Keep clicking for 10 days and buy 140 rented referrals.
  12. Wait 16 days, buy 21 rented referrals up to 300. A free standard member can only have 300 rented referrals. When you have 300 active referrals , stop renting. Maintain and soon you should have $90 in your account. Use that money to upgrade to Golden Membership and make twice the amount on each click and more on your rented referrals clicks! Good deal I think for costing your nothing!