Where are the Best Places for Affiliate Links

Larger Commissions

Best Places To Place Affiliate Links

Be deliberate and make a plan before starting your website. Know where you are going and visitors will follow you. Give them a hint of what’s coming. They will actually pretty much know what’s coming when they click your link and won’t be disappointed with the content presented. That makes them targeted visitors and more likely to be customers.

Within blog posts

The links should fit well within the blog content so the reader sees them as part
of the post. It’s like the sentence wouldn’t be whole without the link. When you force a link within a post, it may portray you as someone who is trying too had to sell a product. You come off as sneaky and trust is lost. Whatever you do, don’t lose your customer’s trust, you probably will lose a sale. Providing good truthful information should be the key priority and customers should believe that.
Within e-products such as e-books via ClickBank and other programs on the internet are some of the best places to have affiliate links. This is much simpler if you are able to create your own e-products. As you make money by selling them, you also earn commission through the affiliate system. I find affiliate marketing less of a hassle than making your own product. But many will disagree and make huge profits from the sale of their own books. I’m fine with less stress and only 50% to 75% x many of that huge profit. To each his own.

Side banner ads

Take a look at the right side of this website. Here is another ideal way to show affiliate links to customers. Add eye catching images. They are hard to miss and cheap. You’ll be using your own site so you don’t have to pay for advertisement. Serious merchants like the ones on my own website will provide you with the necessary graphics to use. Remember not to add too many images, they provide links to your affiliate products but don’t clutter your site. Visitors hate to search and if unable to locate what they clicked on, will leave your site in under 10 to 15 seconds. So make it stand out, be clean and neat.

Resource page

Here you provide affiliate links of related products. The Amazon Marketplace has this technique down to a science. Enter Amazon to purchase a bedroom set and it’s difficult not to came out without lamps, curtains, sheets, maybe even a rug to match! All related. The resource page can prove to be a powerful tool for earning extra income. One year, I was given an Amazon gift card of $25 for a Christmas gift. Once I decided what I wanted, I ordered and clicked around the site and left with at least $100 of “related” products. The Amazon affiliate receives a commission on items bought, not just the first one.
Rules do apply but all are explained with the site.

With experience you will know what works best for you. Always track your ads and images.
Keep tabs on your results because by evaluating your progress, you can find better
strategies to help you make more sales. Never be afraid to try something new if the
old is not working for you. Don’t continue to do stuff that does not work and expect a different result. That’s not the definition of insanity but it certainly “wasting time” and time is limited to all.

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