Reaching Your Best Weight

Your individual healthy weight depends on a number of factors. Body Mass Index, or BMI, is used to estimate an individual’s body fat content. As a measurement of body fat, BMI can tell you how your physical composition compares to that of the general population. Well, the general population is looking pretty chubby to me right now. Weight loss is high on the want to get rid resolution list. So are we soon going to be graded on the scaling method?

But listen up folks, the number from the BMI calculation can’t distinguish between fat and muscle mass. Muscle weights more than fat. A fit person who is very muscular could fall into the overweight range, despite being in good physical condition. Don’t judge yourself by that number on the scale.

We are all so very different. Too much fat is unattractive but all ankles, knees and a clear definition of the rib cage is down right scarry.

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