How to Manage Affiliate Programs

This article is more for the affiliate who has started his or her own affiliate marketing program.For growth and success of the program you really need to understand the workings of affiliate marketing. Managing an affiliate program properly is the key to its success. This marketing segment constantly changes and will need adjustments.

Best practices for a successful campaign:

1. Update affiliates on a regular basis, sending newsletters with relevant information that will help them focus on their affiliate marketing promotions. Provide info on how to sell products through different communication like emails, lists, safelists, websites, SEO, forum posting and of course Facebook and Twitter.

2. Find a way to create a balance between the needs of the merchant and the affiliate needs. This balance ensures that both ends of the program are generating more revenue. Remember, for many this may be their first attempt at making money online.

3. Always track results. Keep track of what works.

4. Encourage honesty. Affiliate marketing really does thrive on honesty. Consumers need to
trust you and they can only do that when you are being truthful. The affiliate programs that
you are managing should only sell genuine products. At first, you have to know what works and pass the knowledge on . As I have stated before go with longevity and reputation. ClickBank with the CBAds Tool Kit, Amazon, and Neobux have been on the web 10 plus years.

5. Managing affiliates requires quick solving of problems. Affiliates want to make money. Don’t make them wait for answers.

6. Be accessible. Affiliates should be able to communicate with you when they have issues.
Lack of communication is one of the reasons why most affiliates opt out of programs.

7. The merchant should pay commissions to affiliates in a timely manner as agreed.

8. Update text links, data feeds, coupons, banners and promotions on a regular basis. Keep
them fresh and relevant to the concerned parties.

9. The affiliate marketer has the responsibility of generating the clicks while the merchant should be creating more conversions. One party helps the other increase income and the entire program should provide customers with information they were looking for when clicking on your link.

10. Push for the rewarding of affiliates who perform exceptionally. Motivation increases with success.
Rewarding those who exceed expectations ultimately pushes them to reach higher and encourages others to do the same.

Amazon Associates Important Dates

Just a few short comments and dates. If you sell for Amazon, hope your site is ready. The big Holiday Season is coming. Make sure your links are out there by November 1st or at least the first week in November. This is the largest retail and online sales event of the year. If your niche is cold weather related and or gifts, toys in particular, don’t miss this one. Many affiliate marketers make more money in November and December than the other months combined.

Amazon Associates Important Dates
1. Black Friday, November 24, 2017
2. Cyber Monday following Black Friday, November 27, 2017
3. Mega Monday, the British version of Cyber Monday, last Monday in November
4. Green Monday, most sites, list sales online at midnight, December 11, 2017

Don’t Fall For Get Rich Quick Scams

Get Rich Quick Scams Revealed. Oh, it would be so nice to join an affiliate program or online company that all you have to do is click a few times a day, and tons of money would be deposited into your PayPal account. “Too good to be true” is the law to follow in internet marketing, affiliate marketing, home business, rev share programs, more on that in another post. Some are up front, many are not. Been there, done that!

Everybody would love to make lots of money quickly, working from home, and only doing a few hours of work per week. Just remember when you purchase a working from home program, you will have to direct traffic to it. One highly successful internet Guru makes over $100,000 yearly promoting an online clothing company but spends $25,000 yearly on advertising. I never took that into consideration when starting out. It is an honest upfront company but getting traffic to your site, costs money. Do you have that just starting out? Most people don’t.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of “get rich quick” programs. Most of these people make claims about earning $2000/day with Google or something similarly insane. Don’t be scammed. Almost all of these people are complete liars. Even if they were making $2000/day with Google AdSense, it’d be because they had high- traffic websites with a lot of quality content. That’s not done with a few clicks of the mouse.

When starting out in your search for an online business, consider:
1.Price of program.
2.Is the information up to date?
3.Could this information be found almost anywhere online for free? ( but, if it can be, do you know where to find it and do you really want to take the time to search?)
4.Is there e-mail support?
5.Are there money back guarantees?

Again, I go with the longevity factor. Scammers don’t last long on the internet.

Failing In Home Business

Failing In Home Business

Do you want to start a home based business? Do you have what it takes? I failed at my first home based business. And my second. I’ll go into more detail about that in another post. I knew right from the beginning that traffic was the key to success, well, it’s the main thing but advertising and the money to pay for it is also something to consider. Wish I had gone with my instincts.

There’s many home based business opportunities. A number of them are internet related and some are not. You can start something out of your own imagination. Or you can order a plug-n-play system from somebody else and become an affiliate marketer. Much easier than making your own product, in my opinion. I use to belief all the BS but now I google all the new programs first. In fact, new programs lack the one thing I look for first in reliability, LONGEVITY. If an internet site has been on the internet and paying their affiliates for 10 years or more, they are pretty safe to invest money in, most of the time. Nothing is perfect so still check with the better business bureau or reviews. One issue with reviews to consider… when the review ends with an affiliate link to another company or program, the article may just be bad mouthing a company just to sign you up via their link. It’s a jungle out there.

My problem was that I got so overwhelmed with the potential that I didn’t pay attention to the details. I saw that I could make big money and that is all I saw. In the back of my mind I knew that I would not enjoy the work required to make this business a success. But I kept looking at the dollar signs. I kept telling myself that I could do something that I wasn’t comfortable doing if it meant becoming rich. But not so true, at least with me. I tried programs that to make any money at all, I had to cold call. I developed a fear of my own phone. I actually bought a “business phone” and left that “business number” on my website. I didn’t think it would ring really. Paid advertising was not an option so I had to learn some SEO, sent my sites out to the search engines and the “business phone” rang!! So glad it went to the machine to leave a message. I knew right then that calling people to sell something to them was not something I could do. How do people do that starting out? The first question you are going to be asked is, “Are you making money with this company or program?’ Good grief man, I just started! But anyway, the phone is not for me. And I’m not alone.

I dreamed about being my own boss and quitting my day job, really my night job. I think I may be part owl, working the night shift. It’s well after midnight as I write this post. I did come across an opportunity that seemed too great to be true and it was. Don’t get me wrong. This affiliate opportunity was legitimate and a lot of people have made a lot of money with it.

You see, I am not comfortable with person to person sales. This job required that I make face to face sales. It required that I run advertising to promote my business. It then required that I make numerous phone calls to sell my product and build a down-line. Paid advertising was above my budget and the phone and I were not friends!

In summary, to avoid failing in home Business pick the business opportunity that is right for you. Don’t start a business because somebody else has made money on it. Concentrate on building a business that is right for you and the profits will come. I chose affiliate marketing. I basically have 2 websites, one promotes informational products and the other promotes Amazon, companies that have been in business 10 + years. all except the Bitcoin site. Digital money is fairly new, to me anyway..

Here are some important points for you to follow if you want to succeed.

1. Check out the business opportunity and be realistic. If the job is going to require you to take actions that you are uncomfortable with, then you won’t succeed. Cold calling is not easy, can be very stressful.

2. Ignore the $$$ and pick something you like doing. If you don’t like what you are doing, you won’t succeed. There may be many opportunities you would enjoy but don’t be a jumper going from one to another, you are not a frog. Maybe you can handle a couple at a time. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Another topic for another post.

3. Stay within your personal potential. Because John Doe makes $1000 a week doing a business from home doesn’t mean you will. If it’s not you, it’s not you. It takes different kinds of people to do different things. Not everybody can succeed at the same thing. Doing something from home that you hate is worse than working for the man.

4. Stick with a budget. Don’t let somebody else talk you into spending more money then you can afford. It’s a great way to lose friends.

Create a Website for Your Work at Home Business

No matter what type of work you choose for working from home, whether you’re employed, own a business, or work as a freelancer, having a website will make you come across as more professional, help to build your brand, and bring in more work. Creating a website is like designing your home. Don’t take the task lightly.

Potential customers and employers will usually do their research before buying from you or hiring you. Google and Facebook will usually be the first place they look. If you Google your full name in quotes, what shows up in the search engine?

Is it good, is it bad, are the results about you, or someone else with the same name? Creating a website with your name as the web address will put the real information about you at the top of the search results.

Getting started

Are you a creative person? Are you willing to put in the time to create a basic website and write some content to introduce yourself, your skills and your services? If so, then the quickest route would be just to create a website yourself. It takes hardly any time to register a domain name, and there are always excellent deals out there offering a domain name and hosting at a special price. Usually, the domain name will be free, and the hosting will cost a small fee. Check out Blue Host, highly rated on the internet, with a free domain, site builders, 1 click WP install and 24/7 support. Click banner on right to be taken to the Blue Host company for all the info. Get the basic, no need to spend more. So affordable and reliable.

However, if you hate doing this kind of thing, are not a technical person, and you know you’re never going to get around to doing it, ( and you have a little to invest) then it’s probably better to pay a professional web design agency to create the website for you. Again, don’t sell yourself short and don’t let that stop you from starting you own home business online. Remember, you don’t have to know how to make a car to drive one. Same goes for website building, don’t have to know how to build one, but you will have to learn how to drive traffic to it to be successful. Soon to be discussed.

The price of web design can vary to different extremes. If you wanted something quickly, you could buy a gig, and someone will upload a site within an hour, or check out Ebay. Great fully made websites can be found on ebay, the last place I would think to check, click on the link to see what they offer.. Price range from really cheap to not so cheap but all in all, good looking sites. Yet on the other end of the scale, a fully-fledged, professionally designed full website could cost hundreds of dollars. Also, with most set up instructions, “technical” is not needed. Can you copy and paste? Hosting companies are offering you a place to build your internet home. Support will assist you. I want to mention GVO Hosting Company. Gvo “Host Then Post” includes an autoresponder , it’s like having a Post Office inside your internet home. It allows you to build your list. Remember, capture the email address of your visitors on their first visit if possible, they may not return if you can’t send them a friendly reminder of why they clicked on your site in the first place..
Besides the A/R, GVO Hosting is really for people who want to make money online. Many successful online marketers use their services. The site includes marketing tools such as Blogger Builder, Easy Video Producer with training, a GVO Conference Room, CPA Analyzer, Ad Copy and the GVO Academy and it’s own affiliate program, as the name implies, “Host Then Profit.” A very helpful support team 24/7.

How to create your website

First of all, you need to figure out exactly what you’re going to use your website for. If it is to be a simple “online business card” style site, with only the bare minimal information and contact info, then it would be helpful to use a website builder like,, and GoDaddy also has a nice website builder. These offer a very easy design environment, enabling you to see and edit your website in real time and edit each page like a Word document.

If however, you are looking for something more complex, with the ability to add different plug-ins which enable just about anything you can think of, then creating a website with WordPress is the way to go. WordPress is a free, very easy to install, super easy to use content management system (CMS) and website creator.

WordPress is used to create nearly 30% of websites worldwide. Notable websites using WordPress includes New York Times (, National Geographic ( and People Magazine (

Another benefit is the fact that most hosting companies will provide the resources for a one click install of WordPress. By just logging in to cPanel and clicking on the installer icon you can have a WordPress installation within minutes.

Once installed, creating a website is a matter of choosing a WordPress theme of your choice, related to your business. There are tens of thousands of free WordPress themes out there, and some pretty amazing paid versions as well. Be careful when deciding on themes. Not all themes are created equal.  The theme I’m using for this blog is the  free magazine theme. It’s SEO friendly, clean without the clutter of some themes. Check the ratings and the number of downloads for that ratings. Then it’s a simple matter of installing the one you choose, and your website will be transformed. From there, it is just up to you to write the relevant content and create the pages you desire from the WordPress login.

Creating a website for your name or your business will be very beneficial. I did both. I wanted to market on the internet and my name is Byers. So is my domain name, how cool is that? It lends authority, and easily remembered. It’s me and what I do now.