Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The Amazon Marketplace started back in the mid to late 1990’s. I compare it to Google owning the internet or more like being the internet to Amazon being the main place to Google when searching for an item to purchase. Amazon is incredible. Log in anywhere and your searches will take you anywhere and everywhere through the marketplace. It’s a great seller of itself, knows just how to entice the visitor to all different products, from music to health products, even tools or car repair products. And keep in mind, Amazon is actually an affiliate program. It’s affiliate marketing, just like Clickbank, the info giant on the internet. Amazon affiliates are called Associates and can earn up to 10% in advertising fees, free to join. An Amazon Associate basically can sell aprons, toys or best gifts on the internet but a visitor entering the Amazon Marketplace with your “apron, best gifts, or toy link” could be taken to the “home and kitchen” area and buy a mixer or even a stove and because your associate link was used, you would receive the commission for the sale, much more than the sale of an apron.

Go into the Automotive Department and purchase products that will save you money.  My dashboard was lighting up like a Christmas tree and all I could see was costly auto repair bills. Wouldn’t you love to know the problem before taking the car to a service center for repair. It puts a grin on my face.  Check this out folks. The FIXD, it’s awesome. And it’s at Amazon. You won’t believe what it can do!

You can make anywhere from $0 to $25,000 per month as an Amazon Associate, probably $5 your first month. But do’t give up. Longevity is it’s reputation.