5 Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life

The oldest person I knew reached 111 years of age. Except for the last couple of years, Katherine lived a long and healthy life. She was up and about at 109.

Then there was Florence who put her make up on every morning, was a avid reader, smoked one cigarette a day, and enjoyed a shot of Brady each night from her 1905 shot glass won at the Brockton fair. She lived to 107 years of age, failing only after the loss of sight and hearing a few months before her death.

Another lady, Catherine died shortly before her 101 birthday with a keen mind, watched the news every morning and would update me on the weather.

The Blue Zones Solution: The Revolutionary Plan To Eat And Live Your Way to a long and healthy life basically confirms, you are what you eat. Inhabitants of the Greek island of Ikaria are some of the healthiest people on the planet; Where you live, what you eat and the company you keep, determine your longevity; and why we should all be having more sex.

Secrets to anti-aging and a long and healthy life
1. Diet
2. Sex
3. Naps
4. Wine
5. Good Friends

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