Do You Need Help With Divorce?

Get the advice of a divorce coach for the price of a book … and save yourself lots of time and frustration!

Imagine being able to calmly and confidently face the divorce process, knowing what to expect each step of the way so you can make the best decisions for your future.

When you’re facing a divorce, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything. You know you need reliable information before you make any major decisions. Where do you get it, though? For most women, advice from friends just isn’t enough.

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Tracy Achen

Hi, my name is Tracy,

I went through a divorce myself, and have worked with divorcing women for several years. I know from experience what an impact divorce can have on a woman’s life.

When I went through my divorce, I was emotionally raw, worn down by all the decisions to be made, and frustrated by the lack of good information.

Consequently, I made my fair share of mistakes. Having learned my lessons the hard way, I made a promise to myself that no woman would ever have to face this journey alone.

As a result, I started the WomansDivorce website in 2001 to help other women going through a divorce in the United States, and have done so ever since.

The Facts You Need About Divorce!

Divorce is complicated. Every day I see the sad outcome of what happens when women go through a divorce unprepared. Unfair property settlements, outrageous attorney fees, and months (or even years) spent battling it out in court.

To help you get the best outcome from your divorce, I created a comprehensive guide based on the actual questions and concerns of real women just like you. Organized in easy-to-follow chapters, this manual will help you understand the basics of divorce and identify what needs to be taken care of before, during, and after your divorce.

“Thanks for publishing this…”

It reads like a labor born of love and concern for women and it comes through brilliantly. I’ve documented over $400 worth of books that I’ve bought about separation and/or divorce, but Divorce 101: A Woman’s Guide provided perspective that was more valuable to me than those put together.

Helping You Meet the Challenges of Divorce

When you’re dealing with mixed emotions, upset kids, and an uncooperative spouse, you don’t have the time or energy to spend hours searching for the answers to your questions.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to get distracted, confused, and overwhelmed by all the information available on the internet. You can avoid this needless frustration by getting everything you need in one place, leaving you more time to spend with your children (and maybe even catch up on a little sleep).

“The information in this book is so valuable”

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I am at the beginning of a divorce which I am filing against an emotionally abusive and controlling husband. The information in this book is so valuable to me as I am uncertain of my rights and of future consequences of decisions made during the divorce. This is the best $20.00 I have spent!
Shelly R.

Practical Steps to Get You Started

Even though you’re probably struggling with your emotions right now, you need to start thinking about the actual divorce. Don’t worry though, everything is laid out for you so you can take it step by step. To help you prepare yourself for a divorce, you’ll discover:

  • What you need to know before you ever hire a lawyer or file for divorce
  • Financial precautions you can take so you’ll have enough money to get through your divorce.
  • How to find the right lawyer, and what to ask during the initial consultation.
  • Steps to protect your credit so you can start over after your divorce.


“Very clear and useful information”

Divorce 101 had very clear and useful information regarding the many things a woman needs to know before she sees a lawyer, and good advise for abused women. It was an excellent resource with information I have not read elsewhere and there forth do not know. I’ve kept it on my laptop to refer back to as my divorce progresses. Thank you for writing this book.
Patricia C.


“The worksheets alone were worth the price of the book” ~ Jeanne 

With Divorce 101, you’ll get handy worksheets to help you:

  • Organize the information you need for your divorce, saving you time and repeated trips to your lawyer’s office.
  • Determine your current living expenses to get a realistic picture of your situation.
  • Provide the documentation needed so you can get adequate support to survive afterwards.
  • Calculate the bottom line on assets and debts so you can get a fair settlement and have something to start over with.


I liked the worksheets you included. They gave me a complete idea of what I was going to be working with in regards to money, and especially my living expenses as a divorced woman as compared to now, where my husband pays most everything.
Dee Ann

Discover Techniques For Negotiating

Because you were an equal partner in the marriage, you deserve your fair share of the marital assets. By understanding the issues and knowing exactly where you stand, you can negotiate confidently and ask for what you deserve. Plus, this woman’s guide to divorce” outlines different negotiating strategies to help you split everything as painlessly as possible.

I really liked the information that gave you, step by step, on what you need to do to make sure you get your fair share financially. It helped me be strong and stand up for my rights.

What About the Kids?

When you have children, there is more to consider than just who gets the house and how everything will be split. Divorce 101: A Woman’s Guide will help prepare you for the various custody arrangements and visitation issues so you can decide how your children’s lives will be handled, not some judge.

The included worksheets serve as a tool to help you draft a parenting plan that fits the needs of your children and your unique situation. Having this well thought-out parenting plan will help avoid future conflicts with your ex and make life easier on your kids.

“This is a must have…”

This book is a must have at the beginning of a divorce. Things don’t always go well for women as we often aren’t as knowledgeable about the law and what can happen in a divorce. There was a lot of information regarding the children, which was excellent.

Understand How Support Issues Work

It’s common for a woman’s standard of living to go down after a divorce, but you can take steps to make sure you receive the amount of support you and your children deserve. Lets face it, raising kids is expensive, and both parents should share the financial responsibility. Divorce 101 can help you understand what’s important in determining both child support and alimony, as well as what your options are when the support payments aren’t being made.

“A woman must fight for her future”

Women must take an active role in their divorces. Hire the best family/divorce lawyer you can afford, snoop into everything you can. If your husband is stalling the divorce process keep track and have your lawyer demand attorneys fees for the stonewalling. I did it and won my retainer back, $7,500. Most women’s standard of living goes way down after a divorce whereas a man may suffer for a year or two. Therefore, a woman must fight for her future.

Won’t My Lawyer Handle Everything?

Here’s the truth: Not every lawyer has the time or inclination to hold their client’s hand through each step of the divorce process. In fact, most lawyers have many cases going at the same time and often use a legal assistant to do the majority of their work.

You are the one who is ultimately responsible for the decisions made in your divorce. By getting the information you need beforehand, you can understand what your options are, gain confidence, and do what is right for you and your children. Aren’t you worth it?

“Wow, like having your very own lawyer in your living room.”

Just open the book look for the answers. Don’t try to read it all at once, but keep it as your bible to refer back to. Very good work.

“The Woman’s Guide to Divorce” has it all!

By knowing what your rights are, you can make smart choices and avoid the potential pitfalls of divorce. This guide will take you by the hand and answer all your questions!

“For a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on the basics of Divorce, you simply can’t go past Tracy’s book …..a must read.”

Divorce 101 is a refreshingly practical, hands-on guide written specifically for American women facing divorce. This highly informative book will leave you with a clear understanding of the options available to you when it comes to separation, preparing for divorce, the legal aspects of the divorce process itself, financial and property matters, family violence, custody arrangements, parenting plans, visitation and a whole lot more. Tracy takes the time to point out no-nonsense tips on the do’s and don’t of divorce. Post-divorce paperwork issues that are often overlooked (particularly the need to do a new Will) are also covered.

Barry Roche
Author of “How To Win When Facing Divorce”

So What Does “DIVORCE 101: A Woman’s Guide” Cover, Exactly?

Not sure whether “DIVORCE 101” can really help you get through your divorce?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a resource that feels like a friend, to hold your hand through the entire divorce, to guide you, inform you, warn you, prepare you, encourage you, and always be there to consult and give you answers to almost any question you might have from the beginning to the very end of the process? Divorce 101 is that super smart friendly resource; it is the most comprehensive, user friendly, information packed, practical guide any woman going through divorce should have by her side.

Sheena Berg
Parenting and Relationship Coach

Take a look at what’s inside “Divorce 101: A Woman’s Guide“…

Table of Contents

You’ll get over 250 pages of step-by-step instructions and divorce advice. This book covers all of the practical aspects of going through a divorce in the United States, so you can be prepared ahead of time. Get everything you need to know about:

  • Preparing emotionally and legally for the divorce process.
  • Understanding property laws and how they work.
  • What your settlement agreement should include.
  • What every woman needs to know about custody and visitation.
  • Managing everything once the divorce is finalized.

I want to make sure you have everything you need to get through your divorce. So I’m also including these Valuable BONUSES…

Bonus #1 — The Smart Woman’s Guide to Divorce

Get up to speed fast with these straight-forward answers to the questions I frequently get asked about divorce. This guide covers pre-divorce concerns, getting legal help, understanding how divorce works, deciding how financial issues should be handled, making decisions about the children, and taking care of everything after divorce.


Bonus #2 — The Ultimate Self-Help Divorce Kit

Many women don’t even know where to begin to looking for specific information that applies to their own situation. So I’ve done all the work for you. This one-stop resource guide will give you what you need to know about divorce in your state and help you locate any services you may need. With this handy reference guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Access state-specific divorce forms
  • Understand the relevant divorce laws in your state
  • Discover what to do if you can’t afford to hire a lawyer
  • Gain access to child support calculators for your state
  • Get help if you’re in an abusive relationship
  • Locate divorce support groups to help you cope with everything


Bonus #3 — Surviving The Nightmare of Divorce

Divorce is one of the most painful and disruptive events a woman can experience. Whether you initiated the divorce or feel victimized by it, you will probably undergo a wide range of emotions when your marriage ends. This book will help you work through those emotions so you can look to the future with hope instead of behind you with resentment.


Bonus #4 — Adjusting To Post-Divorce Life

This is an in-depth interview I did with Life Coach Gloria Swardenski, discussing the various emotions that come up after divorce and how to move forward with your life. Listen in as we discuss tips and strategies you can use immediately to improve your mood and overcome the obstacles that may be holding your back.

Order now and you qualify for all these bonuses for FREE!

It’s Affordable

I realize you probably don’t have a lot of money to spare right now, but you need solid information BEFORE you make decisions in your divorce. That’s why I’m offering this resource so it’s available and affordable to every woman who needs it.

You simply won’t find a more
hands-on, effective, total approach
to US divorce from a woman’s perspective
And the price is under $20!

I spent today reading your book and I am much enlightened. My goal is to make this break as efficient and polite and equitable as possible. Thank you for writing the book and making it available at such an affordable price.

PS…the online links from the book and your site have proved invaluable.

Get the information you need …… risk free!

I know this can be a tough time for you, and you’re not sure where to turn or who to trust. Because I want you to feel very comfortable ordering this guide, I’m offering you my …..

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

My guarantee is simple:
If at any time within the next 8 weeks, you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply send me an e-mail, and I’ll immediately refund your money. No questions asked! And because this is an e-book, you won’t even have to go through the hassle of having to ship it back.

Guaranteed. It’s that simple.

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How to Order

“Divorce 101: A Woman’s Guide” is only $19.97, just about what you would spend taking the family out to eat at a fast food joint. While both solve an immediate need, only Divorce 101: A Woman’s Guide continues to provide you with the information necessary to control of your divorce. You simply won’t find a more hands-on, effective, total approach to divorce from a woman’s perspective….

Ordering is hassle-free because we accept all major credit cards, in addition to online checks. To make sure your details are kept absolutely safe and confidential, you’ll be billed discreetly by Clickbank, the most trusted online merchant specializing in digitally delivered products.

Order Now … and you’ll be on your way to making the best decisions possible throughout your divorce.

When you order “Divorce 101: A Woman’s Guide”, you’ll be able to instantly download the book and all the bonuses onto your computer. Once it is downloaded, you can even print out this practical guide to keep with you as a handy reference during your divorce. Begin learning step by step, what to expect throughout your divorce and what your options are. Book and bonuses are for US divorce only.

Succeed in Affiliate Marketing 7 Tips to Increase Income

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

7 Tips to Help You Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

Anyone can find success in affiliate marketing but it’s not easy and all who join an affiliate marketing program will not succeed.
Find the available resources to make the money you need to quit that job and spend more time with family and friends. Achieve the best possible results with the 7 tips listed below. These are some of the tips that can help beginners succeed at affiliate marketing and make some good income from their effort.

1. Choose a Niche

This is  very important in affiliate marketing. I’m interested in informational products but can’t promote all of them, there are thousands. You need to decide on what the majority would be interested in, not just you. What if you are really into outdoor survival? I’m sure others are too but how many? I decided to Google the top New Year’s Resolutions, what is the most things people want or what they want to change? They need help, information. Provide the top “wants” and “help” to the most needs, help with achieving the top resolutions. ClickBank has the answers, help that many people are seeking. Using the top ClickBank tool on the internet, with a longevity of 10+ years, CBProads, I can offer support of individual needs or present the entire CBProads Store.

2. Carefully Select Your Merchants

Research before agreeing to work with a specific merchant.  Don’t sell consumers inferior products and risk losing future
business opportunities. Even if you played no part in manufacturing the product, as a publisher, customers will still hold you responsible as the person who introduced the product to them. That happened to me this past Christmas. I ordered a couple of “what I thought were the popular fingerlings” but received inferior versions of the product. I wrote down the name of the company and will never order from them again. You should also work with merchants who are reputable and actually pay commissions on time.  I base my decision on longevity. All my merchants have been online for 10 plus years with a reputation of paying their affiliate marketers as stated in rules stated clearly on their website. Check with the BBB if in doubt.

3. Use Captivating Content

When promoting products on your website, customers first get to interact with othe content before being directed to a link and ultimately the merchant’s website. The images and content have to “stand out.”That means the content that you create for visitors to your site should be relevant and captivating so that they feel convinced enough to click on the link and  buy the product. CBProads website offers images that jump off the page. In other words, they grab your attention. Place your mouse over images here. These images are more attractive than CB ads. First impressions are everything and if you don’t get them right then your marketing attempts will always flop.

4. Keep track of results

Do not just push for sales without analyzing your performance. Tracking your results shows you what is working, who is clicking, where the clicks are coming from and who’s buying. Tracking
includes monitoring feedback from consumers and checking the amount of sales made on a monthly basis. This will help you make a decision on whether you need a new marketing strategy or if it’s time to find another merchant. You can’t keep on selling a product that
people just don’t want to buy. Or maybe you are not showing off to a targeted market. And free is good. Always do free until you have knowledge of the paid advertising. If you jump into that blindly, you most likely will come out broke. Not a good thing. Give Money Line a peek. It’s one straight downline, all interested in making money online. A targeted audience and it’s Free.

5. Dedication

Affiliate programs are great avenues for making money but success does not come easy for a publisher. To succeed in affiliate marketing,  you must be dedicated and stay focused on building lasting networks and increasing your customer base. Once that is done, the money will start rolling in and realizing success will actually be possible. The problem with most beginners is that they want to make quick money but are not willing to put in work. And don’t forget the list. I know you have heard “the money is in the list”…it takes about 7 views before a visitor becomes a customer. That person is not going to remember where they saw the item wanted. Get a name and email and remind the visitor weekly about your product. Of course, the reminders have to be entered in a auto- responder before your offers go out.  Check out this hosting company, GVO. It’s comes with it’s own auto-responder. It’s like having your own post office inside your internet home.

6. Sell products that you believe in

It is easier to sell a product that you’ve actually used yourself or believe in. You will be making more than a sales pitch.. You must be increasing trust to succeed in affiliate marketing I can’t purchase all of the products in the Amazon Marketplace ( I wish) but I do have many. I received the Tranquilty Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser for Christmas and I love it. So relaxing. Visitors want to know about products you have really purchased and your opinion, it develops trust.

7. Update your site

To Succeed in Affiliate Marketing you must increase the visibility of your site by getting high rankings on search engines, you must constantly update the contents using target key words and relevant information. I find this the most difficult to do. Things do change overnight on the web and keeping up with the latest products, link issues and marketing changes can be daunting but check into your site about once a week, add a few posts, keep it cool, that will then help drive traffic to it.

Avoid Stress Eating. It Makes You Fat

Make it a routine

Reducing Holiday Stress To Avoid Stress Eating

I love the holiday season but it is hard not to feel overwhelmed with all the arrangements, the traveling, the inviting and the visiting of friends and families, the seasonal shopping. And the food, the food, the food. The cleaning, how can you clean when you are out running around doing all the other things? I end up throwing everything into my bedroom. I shut the door tightly, and give the “evil eye” to any curious child who decides on touring the house.

The Preparations and Decorations that the cat enjoys rolling across the room. And of course, the eating, eating, eating, and more eating! Can you feel the stress building up just by reading this? Can you relate? Yikes, you can blow your diet, (I call it healthy or clean eating) right out the window. You held it down in October with only a couple of peanut butter cups. You got through Thanksgiving with only an extra pound or two. Christmas is now thumbing it’s nose at you and God only knows what New Year’s Eve will bring.

Laughter and Enjoyment are Good things

There’ll be laughter and enjoyment, good times and togetherness. That’s a good thing but all this excitement can bring with it some uncomfortable feelings like apprehension, nervousness, and even uncertainty. It’s called stress. Stress increases cortisol levels in the body, it’s referred to as the “old age hormone.” Stress is blamed for most everything but it can be the culprit to your life going amuck. Stress eating can shoot down all your hard work you have accomplished during the past year.

Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

It’s at times like these when it’s more tempting than ever to turn to food as a source of comfort, stress eating.  Food is all around you and everywhere you look. It’s hard not to pick at the left overs or take a second piece of pie. Your New Year’s resolution to lose weight is about to go down the drain right as you are approaching the finish line!

So what can you do to reduce that holiday stress and the stress eating that goes with it? Don’t turn to the cookie jar or finish off that wonderful bucket of ice cream, or take that last slice of cheesecake.

• The first thing you can do is take a moment to breathe. Really stop everything, and just before your hand reaches the door of the refrigerator, focus instead on the cool air as it passes through your nostrils and feel your lower belly fill as you use your diaphragm to breathe in. Hold the breath in for a second and then focus on the air as you breathe it out through the nostrils, warmer now, and feel your belly cave inwards as the air goes out. I’m not sure if this will overcome the cheesecake and stress eating completely but maybe it will reduce the need to 1/2 a slice.

• Make sure you get your daily dose of fresh air and exercise, even if it is just a walk around the block. Being at a family gathering can get very warm and stuffy and all those people breathing out carbon dioxide and using up the oxygen can cause feelings of stress and cause irritability. And face it folks, you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. You may not like some of them in the first place. You have already noticed Aunt June checking for ” dust bunnies.” Go find the children and get outside to clear the head and calm the mind. It takes you away from the source of food and gets you participating in some healthy exercise. Exercise burns calories and if you have an A1c issue or not, it will help keep the numbers down.

• When you do eat, pay attention, all brain activity on deck!. That is, instead of zoning out and just stuffing yourself silly until you feel the stretch waistband tightening, eat slowly. See the food, smell the food, and really taste the food. Focus on the food as you take a bite. Enjoy the very experience of eating for pleasure. That way, your brain knows you are eating and will recognize the fact and notify you when you are full.  You’ll feel full sooner and you won’t be as inclined to reach for more. And this is very important to avoiding stress eating/over eating.  It takes 20 minutes for the brain, the master of the body, to know you are full. Wait that 20 minutes before making that second reach. You may not need to.

Be grateful.  Being grateful increases your feelings of contentment and this in turn reduces your stress and lowers the temptation to eat for self-comfort, reduces stress eating. Finding other ways than eating to soothe yourself is healthier and can become a habit. Habits are not always bad, make something routine, something good a routine and your over all life could improve. 30 Days, I’ve read this book. Great motivational book about changing your life by adding good habits. Helps to keep New Year’s Resolutions, prevent stress eating, prevent stress, focus and become organized.

Informational ebooks

From stress eating to stress management, check out the new CBProads Digital Store self-help information to not only get you through the holidays but help you enjoy them and other stressful events that may occur in this hectic life.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year” Ralph Waldo Emerson.   Make that a routine and it will become a Habit.

Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing to Fulfill Resolution

Digital ebook for women

Ways of Earning Money Through Affiliate Marketing

There are basically three different ways in which one can earn money  through affiliate marketing and increase you income and fulfill one of the top five resolutions, make more money. You need a publisher with a product that you help sell.. Using a site with years of longevity like Amazon, ClickBank, Neobux, or CBProAds to earn money  and recomend to your visitors, hopefully customers is the best way to gain trust and future sales.  I’m an affiliate to all the above and they all pay and have been online 10+ years.

 Involved affiliate marketing

This is where you promote a product with a lot of authority because you’ve used it and have liked the product. This type of affiliate marketing is very effective because people will be willing to try out something just because you have used it and found it good. When your blog or social media site has many followers, that helps too. The more followers and likes on your blog or social media sites, the more trust you obtain from your readers and you can earn money just by being truthful.  Trust is the seller here. You should only promote a product that your readers will most likely enjoy and learn something from.

Honesty is a very important factor in affiliate marketing if you want to get repeat business and more customers. Give them a good product and they will come back.

Related affiliate marketing

Any serious publisher must identify a niche and focus on it. Your readers come to know your niche and follow you because they like the same topics and will follow you. Within that niche, there will be
products related to the ones that you are promoting. Put links to such products within that niche on your blog, social media sites, videos or podcasts to earn money. Visitors may come to your site because  of the products that you are promoting but they can also find additional products through these links. Put a link to another site to give your visitors more choses.

Let them decide. You don’t have to have tried these products. You are just presenting the link to another site. If a customer decides to click on the link and buy the product, you’ll still earn your commission without much responsibility. You don’t hype the product so if it turns out to be substandard, you will not bear much responsibility. This type of
affiliate marketing is good but it will not give you much income since the related products are not your primary focus.

Pay per click affiliate marketing

This is ideal for people who do not want to interact with end consumers at any level to earn money. Just make your money and move on, or continue to click. The clicling is what makes you the money. In pay per click affiliate marketing, you have no authority in the product niche that you are promoting. Just place your affiliate links via Facebook ads, Twitter ads and Google Adwords among others in the hope that they’ll click on them and eventually buy the products. Pay per click may sound easy but it really is not.  It takes much patience, consistency and clicking but a good income can be made.